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How fast do you read? The average person reads around 200 words per minute. Did you know that most people are capable of reading 2-5 times faster with training and practice. Our courses focus intensely on boosting your reading speed. 

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Ready To Learn Advanced Techniques?

This skill-set will help you read faster, remember more and boost your productivity. 
Iris is the world's largest and most trusted provider of speed reading and memory training. 


Your reading speed doesn't matter unless you understand the material. Our courses help you learn simple strategies to improve comprehension. You'll also learn how to improve your focus so you can concentrate better, even through the boring stuff.


You might comprehend the material the moment you're reading it. But will you remember it later on? Our courses help you retain what you've read. You'll learn a variety of memorization techniques to help you remember key pieces of information.

Increase your reading speed using practical techniques

Improve comprehension with better focus and concentration

Approach technical content and analysis more effectively

Remember vital information using specific memory techniques

Read faster on the computer screen & other digital devices

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Reading at the Speed of Thought


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Learn how to read faster without losing comprehension!

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