Speed Reading

Bootcamp 3.0

This Virtual Program is a series of sessions covering speed reading and memory. Customized for approaching technical content more effectively, you will learn practical techniques to help you read faster, remember more and boost your productivity.

5-Week Training Program

About Your Instructor

Paul Nowak
Founder & CEO
Iris Reading


Prioritizing Your Reading
Purposeful Reading
Managing Information Intake

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Reading at the Speed of Thought.

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5-Week Training Program


Iris is the largest and most trusted provider of speed reading and memory training. Our programs have been taught worldwide to 1 Million+ students, executives and lifelong learners, including at many prestigious universities, research institutions, financial organizations and Fortune 500 companies.



Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques

Improve Comprehensive with Better Focus and Concentration

Approach Technical Content and Analytical Reading More Effectively

Remember Vital Information Using Specific Memory Techniques

Read Faster on the Computer Screen and Other Digital Devices

Our Focus


Overwhelmed with the amount of new information you need to keep up with?

Each Video Session is Approximately 60+ Minutes in Length

Supplemental Q&A Session Recordings with the Instructor 

Weekly Challenge Exercises to Help You Reinforce the Techniques

Bonus Content! Weekly Updates Added To Your Course Profile

Having the ability to get through information quickly, and remember it, is becoming an essential skill in need of constant improvement and fine-tuning.

Save time with your required daily reading and maximize productivity.